Below there are highlighted different examples of itineraries but of course I can arrange a special program to suite your interests, I specialize in customized holidays and arranging the extraordinary.

Sri Lanka Holiday Tours includes the Ancient Cities, some of which dates back to 3rd century B.C and rich in culture centered on Buddhism. This will be a treat to those who are interested in History, Culture and Archeology.

A vacation in Sri Lanka will be exciting with breathtaking views of the hill country of Sri Lanka carpeted with tea plantations and magnificent waterfalls.

Visit to a wildlife park during a Sri Lanka holiday will be memorable where one can have close encounters with Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Crocodiles, many species of Birds and Reptiles.

Quite and stunning beaches of Sri Lanka with beautiful palm trees bending over gold sands and blue waves will be the highlight of a vacation in Sri Lanka for many visitors. The beaches are ideal for someone looking for a place to laze and soak up the sun during a Sri Lanka Holiday.

Looking for something special? Like….
– Meditations and yoga classes run by experienced yoga instructors
– Private blessing by monk in a Buddhist or Hindu Temple or
– Cooking with a Sri Lankan Chef
and more… Contact me for your next dream holiday and I will arrange the best for you.


sri-lanka-anciet-cities-300x225Unforgettable trip during which you will have the opportunity to visit the most important monuments in Sri Lanka. Most of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A Trip with picturesque nature, breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls and carpets of tea bushes, experie…



active-adventure-sri-lanka-2-300x212Trip for active travelers who want to discover the island in their own way. There will be an opportunity to take fantastic photos during balloon flight, take part in a cruise in the ocean with whale watching and snorkeling or diving, explore the island on a train trip thro…



sri-lanka-fauna-flora2-300x239Trip close to rich and amazing nature in Sri Lanka, during a safari in main national parks on the island there will be an opportunity to see exotic lush vegetation and wild animals such as elephants, leopards, crocodiles, colorful birds and many more. Trip with original v…



romantic-sri-lanka-300x237Romantic trip for two with the opportunity to experience extraordinary breakfast on the top of a unique rock and dinner with cultural show on a beach. There will also be time to visit a tea plantation and see a number of waterfalls, take part in adventure rafting, possibility …


Itineraries-5 taste-sri-lanka-300x225Trip for travelers interested in experiencing all possible tastes of Sri Lanka – sightseeing of the most important monuments listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, climbing unique fortress rock, taking part in temple ceremony and even being a witness of a traditional w…



Tell me what are your interests – I will organize a perfect, tailor made holiday for you. …