Tea Plantation


James Taylor marked the birth of the Tea Industry in Ceylon by starting a tea plantation in Loolecondera estate in Kandy in 1867. He began the tea plantation on an estate of just 19 acres . In 1872 he started a fully equipped tea factory in the same Loolecondera estate and that year the first sale of Loolecondera tea was made in Kandy. In 1873, the first shipment of Ceylon tea, a consignment of some 23 lb (10 kg), arrived in London. The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall in the country’s central highlands provide a climate that favors the production of high quality tea…

NUWARA ELIYA – The hill station known as “Little England” because of its climatic conditions similar to England. Discovered by the British in the early 1820’s and later developed as a holiday resort with a manmade lake and a beautiful Golf Course. The city is surrounded by the highest mountains and the most beautiful tea plantations in the country.

TEA FACTORIES – Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest exporters of tea, hence when venturing into the cool climes of the island one will be surrounded by acres of tea. Tea produced in Sri Lanka has become popularized as the world renowned brew that is known as ‘Ceylon Tea’. A visit to the tea factory and plantations entails a crash course in plucking tea and a tour of the factory to view the process tea goes through.

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